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Laser alignment is the gold standard in alignment technology for Straightness, Flatness, Squareness and Parallelism. Hamar Laser (www.hamarlaser.com) is the world leader in the alignment laser. As the first to produce alignment laser about 50 years ago, Hamar Laser is trusted by world class customers liked Boeing Commercial, Boeing Military, Caterpillar, Chrysler, Ford, GE, GM, J. Deer, Hitachi, Hyundai, Lockheed Missiles & Defense, MHI, NASA, Northrop, Nucor, Sikorsky, Siemens-Westinghouse.

Hamar Laser serves diverse industries worldwide, including aerospace, automotive, power generation, plastics, ship building, food processing, pulp and paper and steel manufacturing. Hamar Lasers has been global for 20 years, supplying manufacturers on all 5 continents who demand state-of-the-art, precision lasers that are not only accurate but fast and easy to use.

Hamar Laser has proven record in helping customer to save million dollars annually through

a) reduced alignment time (< 1 hour)

b) high accuracy (0.001mm resolution)

c) reduced part setup time 

d) reduced scrap rates

e) reduced production downtime (machine crashes, PM programs, tooling changeover)

f) increase machine tool assembly rate

g) reduced stacked up error


Industry Application
Aerospace Aircraft assembly, Hinge line alignment, Seat track alignment, Spar mills and other machines, Tooling levelling 
Bore alignment Bar feeders, Boring bars, Cylinders, Engine blocks, Extruders, General bore alignment, Twin barrel Extruders
Machine tool Lathe and Turning, Machine centers, Gantries, Boring mills, Metal/roll forming, Presses, Rotary-dial machines, Surface grinders, Transfer line spindles, Transfer line wing bases
Power generation Rotating equipment, Split joint flatness measurement, Turbine alignment
Automotive Cam and Crackshaft bores, Injection molding machine, machining centres, Rotary-dial machines, Shaft alignment systems, Transfer line spindle, Transfer line wing base
Fabrication  Basic levelling applications, Fabrication geometries, Machining centers, Laser cutting centers, Water jet centers
Plastics Processing Blown film line, Extruder bore, Film line, Injection molding machine, motor alignment, Twin barrel extruders 
Roll alignment  Continuous casters, Film line, Printing presses, Paper machines, Rubber mills, Steel mills, Textiles
Others Antenna arrays and bearing surfaces, Levelling and flatness applications, Saw mills, Surface plates
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