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CO2 reaches Supercritical Fluid (SCF) phase when its pressure and temperature go beyond some critical values. Fluid at Supercritical state exhibits both solvent power similar to liquids, and mobile diffusivity/surface tension/viscosity properties liked gas. Plus non toxic, clolorless, odorles, incombustible, and photo-chemically inactive and easy recycling natures, CO2 is an alternative to water/organic solvent as the ideal extractant. 

The advantages are:

  • Effective matrix penetration to extract ingredients
  • Room temperature operation to preserve activators
  • Easy tunable to vary solvent power over a wide range
  • CO2 is cheap and abundant in pure form
  • Not flammable and not toxic
  • Environmentally friendly with high recycling rate

Extraction Technology


Pharmaceutical  Food  Cosmetics
Biological active molecules   Extraction & concentration of natural spices Pure plant essential oils
Anti cancer activators ingredient in herbs Fat soluble ingredients, animal/vegetable fats & oils Surfactants
Alkaloid extraction/ separation De-caffeine, de-cholestrol Natural flavor substances
Medicine sterilizing Food sterilizing Functional components
Natural or synthetic active substances Antioxidants Fatty acid esters
Higher fatty acids in bacteria Natural vitamin E  
Drug refinement Separation & purification of lipid mixtures  
Higher fatty acids in fish/ plant oils De-pesticides  


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