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Thank you for visiting Savcos Automation website. Savcos operates in Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and China. Savcos has multi-industries experience and diversified technologies. Savcos is here to support your needs for cost saving optimised solution in:

a) Quality
b) Productivity
c) Smart Factory
d) New Product Development
e) New Process Development

We believe that our customers’ success lead to the success of Savcos.    

We serve customers including, but not limited to: 

Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Medtech, Food, Cosmetic, Automotive, Aerospace, PCB, PCBA, Contact lens, Optics, Glass panel, Printing, Stamping, Machining, Plastics, Fasteners, Casting, MIM, Sinter, Rubber.

We specialise in solving the following manufacturing problems with 100% automation:

Assembly of many parts, Dimension inspection, Appearance inspection, Defects inspection, Internal inspection, Surface cleaning, Surface treatment, Oil removal, Contamination removal, Dirt removal, Bonding issues, Adhesion issues, Marking issues, Printing issues, Coating issues, Painting issues, Curing, Sterilization, Machine alignment, Metal hardness, Packing, Counting accuracy, Helium Leakage Test, OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency).

Industry 4.0 Tools : Robots, AGV, ASRS, WMS, MES, RFID, BLE, Smart Factory

We are able to help our customers to convert to processes that use lesser electricity, water, material and more environmentally friendly. Innovative processes are also introduced to improve the competitiveness of our customers with higher quality, higher precision and new performance.  

The key technologies are:  

Medical Device Assembly machine, Moldule Assembly machine, Vision inspection machine, X-ray inspection machine, Cleaning machine, Water jet cleaning machine, Washing machine, Degreasing machine, Plasma cleaning, Laser marking machine, Metal Hardness testing machine, Filling and Packing machine, UV curing machine, Packaging machine, Conveyor, Factory Automation, Robotics, Supercritical Fluid Extraction machine, Ultrasonic Extraction machinePIC/S GMP Steam Sterilizer (Autoclave) , PIC/S GMP Bottle, Vial, Ampoule Washing machine,RO + EDI Pure Water Equipment, Laser Alignment, Helium Leakage Tester, Automated OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency). 

We are sure you can find the answers to your automation needs here.

Please drop us an email or a phone call for further enquiries and clarifications. We will be very glad to be given the opportunity to understand your automation needs.  

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We believe that new opportunities could be created through partnership. You could leverage on Savcos's presence in Southeast Asia and experience in automation solutions to fuel your business expansion plan.

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Free Consulation & Evaluation without obligations in quality, productivity, new processes issues.

Savcos participates in Industrial Transformation Asia-Pacific (ITAP) 2020, the world's leading trade fair for industrial technology and the Asian edition of Hannover Messe. Click to visit ITAP website

Surgical Face Mask Making Machine High speed, robust design. Watch video.

N95 Face Mask Making Machine . Watch video

Industry 4.0 Tools Robot, AGV, ASRS, Smart Factory

New Product Development, best international engineering structure with the fastest and most cost efficient process of product realization from the "idea" to mass production, Encata (, from Belarus.  

Leak Test / Flow Test , >25 years experience , Fortest (, from Italy. 

Whole Car Final Vision Inspection qualified by Japanese customer meeting Takt time

Helium Leakage Test @ high speed and high precision (<1E-08 mbar l/s) for Automotive parts, Refrigeration, Lithium battery, Packaging containers, Drums etc

Clear contact Lens Defects Vision inspection, most complete in the market, qualified by world leading customer

Color Contact Lens Defects Vision inspection, most complete in the market, qualified by world leading customer

Contact Lens Blister Defects Vision inspection, most complete in the market, qualified by world leading customer

GREEN Degreasing or Cleaning System to meet stringent environmental regulation requirements. We use only pure Hydrocarbon solvent without additional harmful chemical liked Bromine or Chlorine. The ROI is high with high solvent recycle rate (>90%) and no harmful chemical waste treatment. Deep and blind hole cleaning. High cleanliness and dryness. 

360 Degree Vision Inspection by using only 1 camera with special optics. 

Piezo Electric Dispenser (0.1mg +/- 5%, up to 1,000,000 CPS viscosity) on top of jetting auger, linear and air pulse

Alignment Laser, cutting edge for Straightness, Flatness, Squareness and Parallelism from market leader, Hamar Laser (, from United States. 

Counting Technologies, state of the art from market leader, Data Detection Technologies (, from Israel.

Commercial Fans, patented airflow technology offering unparalleled cooling and heating benefits along with significant savings on energy costs, HVAC costs and optional air purification add-ons, Airius (, from United States












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